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A common poker-hand ranking system will underpin every form of the game just by classifying the relative strength of various types of hands. So, players determine the best hands. Scroll down below to learn the best poker hands and worst ones too. This post shall help you learn the important ones starting from the strongest to the weakest hands.

  1. Royal flush

The first one in this list is the royal flush sitting on top of the ranking of the poker hand. By far, it happens to be the most important and strongest hand. As a matter of fact, it features a total of five consecutive cards having the same suit to value from ten through to the ace.

  1. Straight flush

Irrespective of the type, any five cards of the sequential values in the suits is the straight flush, provided it’s not the royal flush. Players can only beat it by the royal flush or some other straight flush that includes the high-ranking cards.

  1. Four of a kind

The next one on this list is the same card that is in all the four suits. This five-card hand gets completed by the highest cards among others on a table or in hand.

  1. Full house

So, the full house is the next hand, and it’s the hand comprising the same value cards in the three different suits (it is known as the three of a kind) & a separate pair of same rank cards in 2 suits. When two or more players have the full house, the winning hand becomes one with the highest value or higher value of the three of a kind hand.

  1. Flush

The fifth hand is the five cards having the same suit. If more than one player has the flushes, it must feature the highest valued card. Only then will it be termed as a winning poker hand.

  1. Straight

So, the next hand in this list is straight. It’s the five cards of the sequential numerical value consisting of two or more cards of one suit. The ace may usually rank because either high (above the king) or low but not both of them in the same hand.

  1. Three of a kind

The poker hand that contains the three cards of the similar rank in the three different suits is known as the three of a kind card. The fact is that the two highest available cards besides three of a kind complete a hand.

  1. Two pairs

It’s the next hand that comes with two different sets of 2 cards of the matching rank. As the highest-ranked, the remaining card completes this hand.

  1. Pair

The pair of cards having the same rank in various suits is the pair hand. The hand’s remainder gets formed from the three highest ranked cards.

  1. High card

The last one on this list is the lowest-ranked hand. This highest card in hand is the ‘best hand.’ In such cases, it’s usually the king of spades.

So, whether you wish to save it to the desktop or the mobile, the poker-hand rankings cheat sheet is an ally in physical or online poker playing. But it’s true as long as you are committed to the rankings to memory. Also, it’s worth mentioning that not all the poker games decide the best hands as per the highest-ranked hand on a poker hand ranking. The most incredible poker hands in all game types get governed by the poker-hand rankings in one of the ways.


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